August 19, 2019

An overdue project

We finally finished a project, and then I forgot to post about it! Oh well, here we go. :)

   After seeing the lovely storage ottoman Shawn made for our apartment, my mom thought she would like one in her house too. So we decided to make her one as a Christmas present...the Christmas before last? And we finally finished it this June :)

   You see, Shawn gets lots of fun ideas for projects, so there's usually a few going on at once. And he likes trying new ideas out, which sometimes take a little longer to finish. But that's all part of of learning and growing in a skill, right? Practice, practice, practice!

Instead of having the whole thing upholstered like ours, Shawn wanted to try making a panel design with oak trim, accented with narrower walnut trim.

Do you think he has enough clamps? :P 

 (he doesn't think so)

As he finished up the base with some coats of poly, I upholstered the lid.

 We were able to surprise my mom when we brought it along on a weekend trip. She hadn't seen any pictures of it in progress, but she loved how it turned out!

April 17, 2019

Springing back into projects


        Hurray! The weather is getting warm at last, and what does this mean? Back to the garage to get our projects going again. While some of the big ones are still in the works, we were able to wrap up a smaller one and bring it back to my mom on our last trip up to see my family.

    Mom had found this cute little chair for about $5 dollars, and it decided it needed to come home with her. She wasn't sure where it would go, but hey, she always needs extra seats for bible study and company, right?


So, it sat in the guest bedroom/office of our apartment for a bit while I found time to take it apart.

Mom fount this pretty watercolor style fabric at Hobby lobby.

When you have a small space you have to make the most of it. :)

I helped Shawn finish up sanding the arms and legs, they got a coat of golden pecan stain and some poly, and everything was ready to bring back to my mom!

She really liked it, and so did Ivy. :P

In taking apart the chair, I found this tag, so I sewed it onto the pillow I made for the back rest. It kind of looks like a postage stamp on a letter.

One project down, who knows how many to come. :)

December 30, 2018

Wrapping up 2018

      I know it's been a while since we've posted anything on this blog. For me this is a new experience, for my wife this is an old way of life. So you will have to forgive me for not always being on the ball. The other thing I struggle with is do people really read this or is this just something to fill space in the internet? Life has been very busy with work, different changes have been going on and this mentally takes a toll on me. So for the winter, projects have taken a pause. But I can't sit still, so I started another project, and that was to organize the garage.

     This was a very fun project that still isn't done, but I'm calling it my winter project. It will be great once I'm done with it because it will be a lot more efficient.
      As I'm sitting here writing this on a Saturday night, finally on the down hill side of cold, listening to the Beatles, and trying to stay warm inside because it's frigid outside. I can't help but have this reoccurring thought of cleaning the garage. How often do we do this with our life? Do we stop to clean our life and reorganize or do we get caught up with the busyness of life and just allow ourselves to get cluttered up and run at half speed? I'm not talking physical here because that's the latest craze. I'm talking mentally and spiritually. Do we hold on to hurt relationships or hurt feelings. Or do we let ourselves get bogged down with things of the world like trying to fit in with the right group or just plain being accepted? I feel like it's important to slow down and sort through our "life" and get rid of the things we don't need or the things that we just plain don't use. I know that if we point our lives in a direction going for God that He will provide us with everything we need. So let me leave you with this thought, not as a new years resolution but a betterment of life. Do you need to clean out your heart and give your complete focus to Christ? Let Him guide and lead your steps through this crazy thing we call life.                       

September 27, 2018

Road Map to Love

Last summer, while hunting pinterest for wedding ideas, I came across the idea to use an old atlas for a guest book. 

I like old things, and Shawn likes maps, so it seemed like a good fit.
But finding an atlas at a thrift or antique store didn't end up being as easy as I thought it would be. Plus, we were having a small (ish) wedding, and wouldn't need a whole atlas for everyone to write on.

Then I found this- a vintage roadmap of the midwest! It was perfect, it had my hometown, Shawn's home town, and the place where we spent most of our time while we were dating, a camp in Nebraska where I was working.

It's funny to think we lived less then 3 hours apart our entire lives, but God didn't bring us together until 2 years ago. (Has it been that long already?)

Let's turn this post over to Shawn, who did pretty much all the work for the next part. 


This was a special project to do because of what it meant. So in doing these frame projects, my brain is always going with how to make frames that you don't see everyday, and how to direct your focus to what's framed.

      Since the map is light colored, I wanted a light wood on the outside.  Maple was the perfect wood for this, since it's light and it also has a good grain pattern. Well, the day I went to pick it out I stumbled upon some figured maple.Figured maple is so called because of the wavy lines in the grain, that have sort of an iridescent look about them. It can also be called curly maple. I had some quarter sawn oak so you put the combination together and you get this frame.  Since it is a big frame, we used plexiglass, instead of glass, to try to keep some weight out of it. 

I'm not sure who wrote this, but it's kinda funny :)

August 28, 2018

Busy as a.....wooly bear?

      Tis the season for wooly bear caterpillars to start stampeding across roads and through yards in search of a warm safe place to spend the winter. They're on a mission, and they don't like to be stopped and admired, but fuzzy caterpillars are hard for me to resist.

Shawn: "Isn't there a way to predict how harsh the winter will be by a wooly bear's stripes?"

Me:"Yes, the wider the brown stripe, the longer the winter is supposed to be." (it's actually if the black stripes are wider, so it's said)

Shawn: "Well I saw an all white one, what does that mean?"

Me: "It's going to blizzard all winter."   😂

     What does this have to do with our project big, you ask? Well, Shawn and I, mostly Shawn, spend this weekend driving back and forth to camp, on a mission to get some projects started now that the summer camping season is over.
    There were quite a few things that needed to be power washed, and then either sealed or repainted. Hopefully we can help get a lot done now, before winter, and before the busy spring season starts again for camp.

      Shawn did most of the power washing. I helped a little, did some odds and ends things around camp, and played with wooly bears.

     We make a good team. 😜 

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